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Welcome to SUKS, Southampton Uni's Kitesurfing Society.

We are one of the biggest Uni kite societies in the country, with over 60 active members. This year, we have massive university backing, so things are looking set to do one thing.... get bigger!

We do 3 big UK trips each year and a MASSIVE Easter abroad trip. As well as countless trips to local beaches, (if it's windy, we'll be at the beach). So get involved, whether you're pro or a first timer, and show us your mad skills!

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There are loads of ways to get involved with SUKS. You can email us, at . Even better than that, come and meet us in the Stag's head where we meet every Monday between 12 and 2pm. To keep up to date with all the SUKS trips and socials, sign up to our mailing list below, and find us on Facebook.

Before you can sign up to any trips on our website, you need to register an account with us.

Morocco 2013 -02-04-2013

We just got back from Morocco and heres the low down...

THAT was one awesome trip!! From stormy days with a tornado over the rocks that inspired jimmy Hendrix to a passionate love inspiring sunset session followed by some of the usual SUKS skinny dipping!

we arrived at the hotel and threw our kit in rooms and fled to the beach for the a gentle evening breeze... a great start to the trip then we ended the evening in a fancy restaurant that miss interpreted Josh 'pamplemousse' Neechs meaning of shisha...

the days went buy with some great progression from everyone... massive shout out to Johanna 'Youri Zoon' Penfold for the most comprehensive understanding on kite safety known to man...! Nola, Hannnah and Mila who are now pro boardstarters... BKSA championship better watch out!

Mega progression from Adam 'Pulled a bristol girl in the sea but forgot her name' Watson who was out every day nailing his upwind like trip pro Will 'I can ride 45 degrees upwind' Giles (from hereon known as PRINCESS)

this wouldn't have been a SUKS trip without the injuries... Alex 'I wish I didn't have feet' Salthouse smashing his feet into anything he could find to take the pain away from his cracked skin :s (grooosssseeee mmaaaaaannnnn) and SUKS treasurer Leila 'cry baby' Zanette standing on a weaver fish and being thankful that no one had a full bladder! pahahahaha that could have been a SUKS 1st!

Simon 'I only have a 5x3 winter suit' Kirby showing us all how to catch a burn on his face, neck and hands only... i think his skin has deflated now though! along with Doug 'I need an after sun bath' Lloyd andAngus 'I need a day hiding form the sun' Tulloch all showing us how important waterproof suncream is!

not forgetting Ali 'Get out of my way' Knowles-Lenoir who loved having so many kiters on the water that he put his kite down and just went surfing instead! and Ryan 'can't stay awake at a beach party' Esdaile managing to snap his lines and and look spiffing in his girlfriends harem pants!

apparently i have to include an equally embarrasing story about myself so... to the untrained eye it might have looked like i dont know how to kitesurf (i blame the wrong length pigtails...) i managed to fail at board starting then about 20 meters down the beach, after my kite stalled and relaunched, i got thrown into a face 1st galey along the sand! who'd have known that 3 inches makes such a difference to performance!

if anyone has doubts about using suncream again ask the following people about how much it hurts: Hannah, Simon, Doug, Will, Angus and Johanna who are probably still applying after sun in these freezing UK temperatures! 

Parkers New Edit - 48 Stevens Street -09-05-2012

For those of you that didn't know our ex-president (the nice one, that didn't steal all our money) Alex Parker has spent the last few months in Australia.  Here is his sweet new edit from his time there... ENJOY


SUKS trip to Weymouth! -05-12-2011

Alright so for those of you that missed it, the club just got back from a sick time in Weymouth! Incredible SUKS timing, as in, we actually ran on time for once might we add. Yeh. Thats right. Amazing progression from all the beginners, who spent like 5 hours in the water each day! Plus it was incredible weather, sunny and with all the wind in the world. Spotted our beginner sec steezing out some butterslides too. All around, a pretty sweet weekend. Slightly worrying levels of club sexytime, we will not speak of it here. 

Head over to the gallery to see if you got snapped by resident arty-farty pro-tographers keeno and parks (parker's still to give us all the shots, so keep checking in!)

Much love! xx