Welcome to SUKS!

We are one of the biggest Uni kite societies in the country, with over 60 active members. This year, we have massive university backing, so things are looking set to do one thing…. Get bigger!

We run weekend trips to spots throughout the UK all year round, attend all the major SKA events and to top it all off run a MASSIVE Easter abroad trip. As well as countless trips to local beaches, (if it’s windy, we’ll be at the beach). So get involved, whether you’re pro or a first timer, and show us your mad skills!

Our Sponsors

Kitemare – Based in Westward Ho! Kitemare is a one stop shop for all your kiting needs. We source all our new club kites from Kitemare and send out any major repairs which are always performed professionally and to a very high standard!

Super Saturated – Hardwearing Fashion! SUKS merchandise is always in high demand, hoodies, t-shirts, vests, changing robes etc. Super Saturated has got it covered. All our clothing is available to order for members through the Merch’ page.